Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the one million dollar question, WHAT IS LOVE, EXACTLY?

Not in the mood to finishing the FYP.

Having second thoughts on writing this post. Should I write or not? It's just my five cents.

A long time friend of mine had just announced to about her break up with her 2 years boyfriend.

Ironically, Nik and I were discussing about being love and care for our future during the noon.

Now, here comes my 1 million dollar question, WHAT IS LOVE? (not the family or peace love, it's the relationship love)

The noon is fine and thinking of love in the positive side.

The night... is trembling and shattering for my friend. Love is scary and waste. Likewise, wasting one's youth attaching to each other which is not fruitful till the end.


At this point of age, males are all still immature... maybe on the way to be mature. More likely, they are into love games... not real love. Again, WHAT IS LOVE?

*scratching head*

Era after era, humans perceptions and actions changed to bad or good, it depends on how one perceive. After all, humans these days are getting open minded unlike those days... arranged marriage where you usually know each other after getting married. Bahaha... imagine the bride and bridegroom playing ice breaking.

Somehow, humans are getting liberal and educated, they learned to fight for their rights in every way. For example, love.

Shit, just what the fuck am I crapping?

Somehow, my face and my attitude is predictable, everyone said I'm ending my single life late...bahahah.


To make life easier, love myself more than anyone else. I've seen and heard so much of dishonest and cheated love.

What's the point of pouring love away when you don't receive it.

Love is something locking your freedom at your most energetic age in life.

*In months time, I'll be reading this and delete it*

I'm so scrooge.

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Jon said...

i guess they are rite , u're gonna end ur single life LATE ... hmmm ...