Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30% sweet, 5% neutral and Majority bitter relationship.

Supposing to blog on Lunar celebration activities but these days I've been so fucking busy with so many stuff.

Being involve in a relationship can sometimes be sweet and bitter but generally sweet. As for my case, my relationship is mostly 30% sweet, 5% neutral and majority ... BITTER. Yeah, nothing comes sweet for me at this moment, but it's impossible to break this relationship cause I'm already committed in this sick relationship. Honestly, I've been in this relationship for almost three years and most of the time I've been comprehending and cooperating such stupid donkey works and love. No fair and I don't receive the same amount of love. Instead, I got myself even worse and it hurt so much till I'm immune.

The only time I was happy when good remarks and my sacrifices had not neglected. Plus, I'm neutral as in being immune these days. I tried thinking about the future and wishing that our relationship is gonna blossom and useful in being mutual for each other. I tried saying 'I love you' everyday but I'm too reluctant to open my golden mouth. Somehow, I will love our relationship everyday by not overlooking the future.


This never ending relationship probably and hopefully ends next year.

Nonetheless, my rocky relationship with my course... my bf...
BF... BF... BF... Banking and Finance.

What were you thinking? It's my relationship with this course I'm studying. I've to commit myself into it for the sake of my future.

Anyways, I'm so fucking busy and fucking deep shit with all the upcoming modifications, class events and DEADLINES. Not to forget, 3 bloody midterms in a week and yet I just couldn't read the fucking notes. The causes of my higher temperature and tension was due to one youngster to introduce some date which I was find it 'wu liao'.

Every donkey jobs are bulking and attacking me at the same time.

Fellows, ONE AT A TIME!

I'm not the Guan Yin with thousand hands, I don't have mutant power like Prof. X, I am not as fast as Flash (Justice League) and I don't possess Nightcrawler's ability of defying the law of time and space.

All in all, Stress la...

Will find the time to insert photos on Lunar New Year in my blog. Just want to see the pictures to syok myself la...

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