Monday, February 8, 2010

sibeh sleepy lor

Nabeh, when I'm fully concentrating and NOT procrastinating, the sleepiness joins the so called exhilaration. When can I finish my chapter 1 and 2? So fucking shit condition, a little bit of torture lor...

A month before CNY is a mayhem to me. Everything is so imbalance including watching SNL. Please be considerate that I'm currently holding the responsibility to please everyone happy. So, don't fucking piss me off. I'm trying to be nice and after CNY, I live my life and you can scram!

Why almost everyday I'm whining about the donkey life I'm living and it's almost the same topic!

Ugh.. okay... going back to work for minutes and off to bed with revolutionary books. The time round, my reading time is merely visible. Oh no! I don't even have my own fucking time to explore things I currently fell for, not even downloading songs. The only songs I'm listening recently are CNY songs.

Why is the sky blue? Why clouds have to be shape like cotton candy? Does clouds taste like cotton candy? Why birds must fly? Why fishes swim? Why in the world do we exist at the first place? Why don't we have the lifespan like tortoises? Why do the earth needs catastrophes?


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