Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to reality and this is so TL lor... FYP chapter2 haven't started. Tomorrow is mum's birthday and the Jade Emperor's birthday.

  1. Sibeh sien, there are things awaiting me to finish and I finally saw the implementation of 'No free lunch'.
  2. Nabeh, dilemma comes back, adoi, why la dad has to do all these analysis when I tried less hassle thoughts. Should I stay or travel further?
  3. One has to depend on oneself to solve problems instead of being ostrich. Yea lor, all my fucking tedious procedures that I have to undergo. It's silly of me to dream of having people to clean up all my procedures and clear the bloody rocky road for me. In the end, I've to fall back to reality, do I have to blame the world for being cruel or blame myself for being lazy?
  4. Siao liao lor, ate, drank, played and gambled too much. I've got nothing best to do other than watching New Moon for the freaking-god-knows-how-many-times. In need for exercise. Aargh...
  5. This is so irritating, there are so many laotikos in FB.

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