Monday, March 22, 2010

there's too much for me to hate

I might sound or look like a mess for these recent weeks. Thanks to the endless complications and difficulties given by the cakap tin kosong.

But, all I want to express is...

I hate ah bengs and ah lians

I hate motorcyclist, especially the fat ones

I hate those fucking crows for terrorizing my serenity zone

I hate dogs with big teeth

I hate tiao kei people (they always challenge my patience)

I hate kids pretending to be grown up

I hate kiasu people... only because they always fight to queue in the line just for everything

I hate drivers that don't turn their bloody signals on

I hate bullshits without actions

I hate time cramming

I hate creativity limitations

I hate girls who acts and speaks like paris hilton

I hate wannabes with no attitudes

I hate Taiwan's female celebrities (and same goes to the male) who like to act cute

I hate awkwardness

I hate spoil brats

I hate overrated with low quality products, movies and phenomenas

I hate the authorities for cutting the damn trees in the campus

I hate the authorities for cutting the damn trees along the bloody road. (the trees' branches are not as huge as i thought)

I hate people who spit and throw rubbish on the road

I hate Avril Lavigne loves pink

I hate E news for being so cheap

I felt lost without my Sony Erricson earphones when I'm in quiet places. (spoiled)

That's it... I have too much to hate.

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