Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hide and Seek

It is like playing Hide 'n' Seek.

I pop, you vanish.

You pop, I vanish.

Mysterious game and it really lead me to curiosities. I shall erase the game's rules.

Anyways, I cut my hair shorter and a little edgier. Yet, I'm still not satisfy with the length, the bob of my hair should be even layer and shorter. Instead, I got straight and not layered. Damn! Sorry, no pictures of myself taken as I was been told that I'm diagnosed with somewhat Narcissistic disease. Hence, if you wanna see me.. see me for real and live.
Even my hairdresser wondered why I keep cutting my hair. Simple, I'm a sloth and I don't want worries fall on to my hair... like split ends, dry texture and so on. Besides, weather these days hot like hell and the weight of my hair is getting heavier. Thus, I go for short hair. Besides, short hair gives me more confidence.

This is the fucking second time my computer is again having fucking shit problems. Why it happens when I'm having crucial tasks to do???????? TMD. I'm sadden by the malfunction of the computer, I just got it back from formatting two weeks ago. TWO BLOODY WEEKS. It has all my downloaded SNL and classic movies! Damn Damn Bloody Damn. Apparently, I'm trying to manually repair it but... my bro took the fucking whole day to sort out in all ways. People, have you ever face such problem where your Window Vista appears in black screen with only white cursor? Very Ciko lor.

What's worst is that my handphone's earphone had officially spoiled! How to listen to my songs when I'm a glutton to them??????? Miserable. Miserable to the extreme. Readers, can I have a Sony Ericsson and Philips earphone for my birthday present?

One more, I'll be stepping my feet again to Singapore but this time it's Malaysia's corporation's land, Sentosa Genting! Hohoho.. I heard the decorations and interiors are splendid to see. Just hope they legalize my age to enter the casino and to see the ang mohs gambling. But, my earphone spoiled. How to get rid of uncles and aunties chatters?

The coming Sunday, I might or will be attending a friend's birthday party. *Sigh* Buying presents had always been a headache for me.

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