Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exam Schedule is out and it is so TMD

This is so fucking TMD. How am I suppose to lay my rest in Genting????????
Although my best day is always a public holiday. But so fucking TMD... no mood for any bloody celebration lor...

The exam scheduled has released, in draft form.

BBF 2154 03-05-2010 Morning
BBF3114 06-05-2010 Morning
BME2054 08-05-2010 Morning
BBF2064 12-05-2010 Afternoon
BBL2014 14-05-2010 Morning

TMD.. if you look at the bloody schedule, it's only like 2 days after my best day.
What's worst, majority are morning papers but gladly we have gaps for more worries to chunk facts into my tiny brain.

Meera, if you're reading this post, just hope yours is not somewhere near, spoil mood jer...

My 'memorable' 21st. Fuck my life.


Jerine said...

Did I just see genting?

When are u going to genting?

瑜颖 said...

yeap. You just saw the word. Intend to go for my birthday celebration but the plan has to be cancel. Sial betul. You wanna celebrate for me? haha

Jerine said...

Im going this Saturday night! We're going there to party gila! come join us!!!

瑜颖 said...

nabeh! time ler...tak ckp awal2...buat org envy and TL jer. haha.. anyways, have fun ya.