Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Each time I glimpsed on the show that my little cousins were watching, I'm just surprised that the show never ends or is it they repeated the cd itself? Anyways, it's the same cartoon they are watching and all their focus straight to the tv screen. It chills down their hyperactive-ness but after a brief explanation from little brats, I misjudged.

It's after all China's Mickey Mouse but the show is not about mouse or mice whatsoever. It's just a simile and it's a hot stuff in China where billions of kids are watching it... and I mention BILLIONS!!! I'll be rich by feeding these kids with cartoons!!!!!!!!! Probably might get me watching it. Definitely better than US's Mickey Mouse, it's educational base, their parents are rest assure, tell me... which Mickey Mouse cartoon has taught you a lesson? Don't mention Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (boring).

So, this cartoon revolves around goats and wolves. Yeah. It's called Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf a.k.a. 喜羊羊与灰太狼.

Finally, I understand why the house is so quiet each time the show is on air.

Believe me, it got me singing and humming their opening songs.

~Xi Yang Yang, Mei Yang Yang, Lan Yang Yang, Man Yang Yang, Fei Yang Yang, Ruan Mian Mian, Hui Dai Lang, Hong Dai Lang~

If you are curious about the rhythm, just copy and paste the Chinese characters into YouTube.

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