Monday, March 8, 2010

All I can do is to crap with impromptu

Damn, I'm laying my brains on my research. Crap, I'm suppose to write a whole 40++ pages within a week. Fuck, that's beyond my ability. I can't crap on scheduled tasks, although I do always crap here and that's because I've things to spit and it's impromptu.

Nabeh, been spending... nope, it's investing money on printing papers for further readings on past researches. At the end of the day, majority are irrelevant. Holy shmoly! Sibeh Tulin ar. Trees were cut down just because of my irrelevant papers, money gushing like running water tap. Oh well, to deceive thyself, it's investment not spending.

Honestly, I don't know how and where to start but I'm proud to achieve few pages with efforts. Yet, I'm predicting that they are gonna be flush down... besides, I've got many fucking editing to do.

Walao, I found myself emo the moment my playlist started playing 'You Found Me'- The Fray. It's like the bitter ending of my Hide and Seek game, the title said it all. I lost.

Anyways, a latest update on my extreme sadness on my the other computer, it's officially contracted with virus. I don't know which printing shop had passed me the virus into my thumb drive. Probably, the campus's computer.. why do they have to install fucking virus????? On the bright side, the technician had put me an extremely service charge with extra service. Hoho.. must have been my prettiness had charmed them.

Nabeh, will be travelling to Singapore in less than 7 hours. Just hoping I have enough time to go and see see the Universal Theme Park. Suaku la.... Ok la. I need to recharge my energy for better mood.

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