Friday, March 5, 2010

Stupid parker

Nabeh, this post is either gonna prove me that I'm still fat or the car owner is an idiot.

It happens in campus, I was walking happily towards my car, mind only filled with relaxation after hard day squeezing my brain juice.

The moment I reached my car, questions and puzzles aroused in my brain. The scorching sun is up in the sky, killer heat waves is on it's max and my brain is already lethargic.

I'm questioning on my reactions, should I be smiling or raging?

This is either proving my body is still fat or that driver is adoring Harry Houdini, the escape magician master.

I'm driving Wira and the idiot is driving some aeroback car. Stupid driver. The lane is so blooody narrow till I have to enter through the passenger seat. Nabeh... I'm not a Houdini ok. Sibeh TL. I am not as skinny as a stick.

In the picture, please notice the parking lot's red line. See how that genius park its car.

There's so much space available on the fellow's left hand side and stupid owner insist to fully utilize the space till the right. Nabeh!

Can you see how narrow is it....

My car is on the right side. I've to enter through the passenger seat.

I think the drives needs to get a pair of glasses or some physical therapy on eyes.

Now, you tell me, am I fat or is the driver is stupid?

Can somebody help me to get rid of that bastard out of my mind?
Cutting hair tomorrow, it's shorter... hell yeah.. weeeee...

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