Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More narcissistic disease

I don't know if I should yell to get my life back or just leave it this way. Everything disorganize, impromptu 'trips', sudden events and missing classes. Fantastic.

Anyways, I was browsing some photos from the sudden famous group, 'Beauty and Charm of MMU students' in FB. Just getting some rest.

Aiyoyo, aba ama, muka macam itu pun boleh kira lengzai and lenglui? Where are the real good looks? Such benchmarks...

Think again, this whole informal votes on the best physical look has turn into a site of gossips and bitches. You must be thinking I'm diagnosed from 'sour grapes', well... God knows. I don't have good looks and devil's body either.

Anyways, it is a stupid group to turn on such phenomenal hype. Each minute, I can see my friends were being tagged in an unknown camwhore pictures. It's getting bloody annoying to see those posts are bulking up and wasting my time to keep scrolling as I was searching for rewards from Farmville.

People, if you're just gonna keep voting, you are so gonna turn those nominees into some narcissistic disease which sooner or later alter ego. You can say I'm jealous cause I wasn't part of it. Well, I'm just gonna say that you're one of them as well. It's like turning into 'American way' of high school bitches. Who is fucking popular and who is not.

Stupid group

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