Thursday, September 2, 2010

U just wasted another of ur 10 mins to read.


Okay, I was humiliated and embarrassed by myself, thanks to my absent minded brain.

UNO- I was embarrassed with myself for not going back along with my bags and leaving it behind. In the end, I had second trip all the way down to pick my bags 3 hours later.

DUO- I was humiliated for my stubbornness on the road causing my time to be wasted.

TRES- I was embarrassed by my stupidity in front of the public that causes giggles and laughs.

QUART- I called no one but you for help and that is embarrassing. I sounded like a BIMBO myself and I couldn't believe with myself either. I called no one but YOU and only asking some silly help. FUCK!

The end. Getting lethargic due to the reciprocal of shit habits.

Ok, thanks, bye

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Jonathan said...

hey sorry for not being there ... jus be urself la ... u nid to start asking urself questions ... why u so obsess with him ... usually being obsess with someone is not about love ... =) ... chill kay ?