Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So long Farewell

Apparently I am not heartache anymore. Like Beatles- Let It Be, if it's not meant for me regardless of how hard I tried, it still won't work for me even if I own it. So, why still mingling the fucking small thought when the world is still round and it's large?

Somehow, I came up of something to fulfill what I wanna do and what I ever dream of though I may be not afford to own it but it's part of it and I am bloody fucking happy.

Today also mark the end of my internship. I shall miss dearly my colleagues and the routines of how I was always rushing to the office. Sleeping for 30mins before the market runs. Starring outside of the window to check the weather, traffic and sial people's parking. Planning for activities after work. Enjoying talking cocks and bulls with colleagues. Planning what to have for lunch. Change departments for fun. ETC ETC.

I thank all of you for having the patience and kindness towards me. Although I knew I did made plenty of careless mistakes but you all were still there to teach and explain to me patiently. We went through the ups and downs like the stock market's volatility. Together we have seen the faces of shitty people and angelic like people. However, it's still the matter of the destiny that had brought us together. We shall meet again.

"People come into our lives in exchange of pen to write our stories and before we leave, we mark down our signatures for a sign of remembrance. Some might leave our canvas with colors, some might leave with just sketches, some might leave with barely scribbles and some might leave us with dots. No matter what we shall remember each other for every meet will always come to an end. However, memory stays forever." By- Danielle (and that's me)!

I'm indeed bored to the extent of spamming everyone's inbox. Should spend lesser time on FB and spend more on something necessary.

So, I is singing... Teenage Dream- Katy Perry, Arctic Monkeys' Songs and music that pleases my ears!

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