Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ranting for aging

Apparently, I'm not on my report and it's still undone. In case you concern, it's only 50% done.

I intend to sleep early, okay, hopefully I'm able to finish blogging within minutes... urm... 30mins earlier to bed.. makes sense right?

Recently, I'm addicted to The Fray, The Arctic Monkeys, Panic! At the disco (all over again) and Lady Gaga songs. Lady Gaga... her songs are all what she can create and if you are thinking about illuminati, sorry, I don't give a fuck and damn what her lyrics are talking about, I'm just only enjoying the rhythm she had formed. As if you care...

What I'm suffering now is dilemma.. I had bought all the ingredients needed for cooking but I just do not know what to cook. I've been browsing all the recipes and none of them are giving me inspirations to cook. So, I shall just go with the flow with all the ingredients I've bought.

Everyone kept asking me what am I doing at home right now?

Ans: goyang kaki. Don't tell me it's fucking relaxing and cool. It's forwarding my aging process and I hate that. I don't feel lively at all. Apart from the internet being my current best friend, what I've left is the Astro, reading materials and my undone home projects.

In order for me not to sound like a spoiled brat, I came up with activities to do for pleasing leisure and since no one wants to go for a trip at the mean time so I have to learn to find something for myself.

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