Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a little bit sleepy thats all.

I just don't understand how downloading Pitbull's songs came across my mind but most probably coz I needed to satisfy my pleasure and download all shits into the computer.

I still think 'Secrets'- One Republic spurs emotions to me for I feel as if there's someone dedicating this song secretly.

Anyways, I'm still awaiting the time to come for lifting my suspension status in my laughing source. have to wait till 12.22 am. Yet, I'm sleepy and I can't wait anymore.

What's even worse is that my report has been on for days and nights and barely make it to the 50% of completion. I just reluctant to do it and it really pissed me off each time I see it coz I can't think of anything to crap.

So, Jon, if you're reading this... I've to tell ya that I'm so happy to see you coz I is alone... urm.. ok, lonely.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

yesh im reading it ... without fail ... u make my day look not so stress after all except stress on my tummy