Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life is really short and we have to admit that

Humans would not suffer the agony and pain if their desires aren't growing.

Seven sins that enthrall our life with the desires and dreams formed by the reality.

The more we capture the world, the more our inner desires bud.

Living simple was never enough for all of us.

Our dreams began to expand further.
We fight with blood, sweat and tears to reach for the top.

Some win the war with all their winnings.

Some win the war with their trophies but they lost their love trophies.

Some lost the war leaving anything with them.

Some lost the war but they gain with other trophies.

To survive and stay to the top, we need to step out and execute actions that we dislike.

We have no options but to keep ourselves to stay alive.

Quit asking why is the world unfair, the world is always unjust and it is ourselves to make it just and worthwhile.

Go ahead and do what we yearn for the mother nature shall not stay too long this way forever.

Life is short and we have to admit that.

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