Monday, September 20, 2010

A note to me, you and everyone


I am in the midst of reporting my activities during interns and I came here by accident to express my fatigue of looking at the incomplete report.

Seriously, I want to go to my bedroom, continue reading my books and fall asleep yet the burden of this final piece before I'm officially lay to rest is bugging me. I can't believe the procrastination old habit has finally kicking in back again. It's 1am plus and I should be in the bed with my reading materials. Now, this explains why internet and computer can be harmful and addictive, physically and mentally. It also finally explains why I refused to read anymore books, thanks the information technology era.

Recently, I gave myself so much thoughts through cooking and realized that being immature at this age is not gonna standout oneself in the crowds. If you are still being subjected to your lost for your real desires and dreams, you are still lost. It's true.

If you are still being childish and immature while completing your chapters of life, I suggest you do not be in what you see peer pressure for you're not ready to take control of your life. That signals your readiness for leading your own life. You..... are just not ready.

Love yourself more than anyone else for no one else can do better than you do.

Nothing wrong for being emo, go sit at the corner and draw circles. Do as much thinking as you can. Life is short but let's not chase time, we shall miss everything if we keep chasing time. Be who you are and what you really are. Show the world how you can pull it off. The world is still at it's large, why worry?


I must get back to my fucking reporting.

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