Thursday, September 9, 2010

Straight to boredom's hell if it wasn't for my walk in the mall.

I'm whining about my fucking boredom, maybe feeling a bit pathetic for no one wants to accompany me for outing. I always have to do it alone. I browsed and screened through all my contacts... ticked and crossed on my friends' availability. Sadly, in the end, I'm still doing it as a loner.

At the end of the day, I went for grocery shopping to get inspirations... I did, making salads and appetizers for everyone. It's somehow a dream that I wish it could come true in the near future. Anyways, I found out that it's easy to prepare mash potatoes with the gravy as well. Okay, the salads I prepared was a larger portions so everyone could feed themselves with healthy salads instead of eating their daily staple food. By the way, it's enough to stuff them full.

First, I call it Potato meets Spirals that comes with Italian's spiral pasta with sliced cocktail sausages.

Second, I call it Romanies' Mystery that's cause I insert a special oil origin from the Orient.

Lastly, Cheesy Mash. The title says it all what I've insert in to name the dish.

Finally, I didn't know there's good food in Machap Baru and I feel like satisfying my adrenaline rush to drive down there. You've no idea how exciting it could be driving to Machap Baru. You've no idea at all okay! It's fucking awesome if I have good engines and able to fully control the stability of the steering wheel.

Few days ago, I did enjoyed my lunch/tea in Dr. Cafe. Simply marvelous after I discover what's steamed cider and good oreo cheesecake and please don't compare with Secret Recipe's one coz I think theirs are produced from candy confectioneries which has zero existence of layer feeling taste in their cakes. Sadly, it's only the cake that can accommodate everyone's impressions.

I am still reciprocating my suspended account in my laughing sources website. I is fucking sad. Now, I admit how addictive it can be and how I miss it so much.

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