Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stupidity cut half

So, yesterday I wasn't satisfied with my stupidity for not using a pan to hold the lemon 'custard'. This time I found one and it's round, ok, less frustration than yesterday, at least. It would be better if it's a rectangle or square and line in with a sheet of parchment. Buttered the pan was useless or maybe it was round.

This time around, I got the taste right, what's wrong is that partial of the crust are stick on to the pan and the lemon filling is not really firmly stick onto the shortbread which I think it's because I baked the crust too long.

But, it was a tiny success for the family almost finish it and I reserved some for breakfast. The bigger failure was the wrongs that I mentioned.

I shall try again coz I'm gonna make one for XX and her mom. Heee. But my family loves it, so I feel proud of thyself. I love lemons recently.

*recently, i giggled too much in front of the screen and thanks to the forum. i laughed hard but i is happy.

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