Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Perhaps, the time has come

As I tried to grab the offer and it turns out the offer is going away further to someone's else hand. Leaving me empty handed and lost. Do I deserve the offer?

I took a step back and letting my hands down watching the offer walking away far from my sight. Before I came to realize that it's not the end yet, the time has not come and I still have the time to see before I regret forever. What I really need to do is to do what I'm suppose to do before my sorrows and regrets come and haunt my near future. I really believe there shall be a better offer in the near future but what's in the present should be accomplish before I end up in bitter.

Perhaps, it's the time to step forward and go for it. What's in the present need to be done but I wouldn't dare to see what the future behold for I only wish for a better everyday.

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