Friday, August 13, 2010

Northern Xinjiang. Forget the riots and let's go there.=!

It's lucky for me to flip the newspaper today and stumble upon a place that really looks like my fairytale.

It's Northern Xinjiang, don't ask me where but that place it's fill with magnificent mountains, mysterious flower fields and sparkling mirror-like rivers. It's stunning and even stunning than Bali, I guess. Forget the riots and chaos created from the disputes among themselves, we can't even lend a hand to them so let's go there and be at peace. Feast for the eyes.

It really fishes my soul away for I'm not the type of scenery viewing person. Once again, it really depicts my so call fairy tale, much better than New Zealand. My imaginary jigsaw puzzle. If only I can fly to Northern Xinjiang right now to heal all the sorrows.

Most importantly, these kids look healthy living in such serene environment. Simple is happiness.

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