Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random 10

I'm back with my random thoughts again and this time around, please listen or just be understandable.


This is not a secret anymore, more likely of a fact that's revolving throughout the whole life.
Yes, I suck and I can sense that I'm a real failure for all these love shits.

a. I fall for a person that's really contradicting with my characters.
b. I met the right person but at the wrong time.
c. I fall for the right person but I'm too late.
d. I met the wrong person at the right time.

Totally embarrassed with my failure, I've met many people and how could I not have the chance to be love. I don't know if I should cry or laugh with all these total failures. Just like the song 'Reasons to Love'- Meiko, there shouldn't be any reasons to be in love. How can anyone just land into a relationship easily? Overall, I suck ok. End of #1.


I've temper and please don't test my limited patience. I've done nothing wrong and I am a very considerate person. If you don't tell me what restrictions you would like restrain, I'm sorry but I can't help to be myself and do it on my very own way. Don't let me turn to a freaking ugly bitch for you!


I want to be a homemaker for the time being to fill up my fucking mind with useful stuff instead of sitting down looking up at the skies and awaiting for a day to end, not my routine everyday.


I'm not the pedophile vampire like Edward Cullen, I can't read your mind. Please refer to #2.


Stupidities never fail to occur in my daily life. No matter what I see and experience, I'm always the one that's been shot simultaneously with another third shooter. Imagine snipers, unaware of the presence till the actions begin.


Recently, there's this popular Korean boy band and the name is Lucifer??? Isn't that's the name of devil and don't anyone suspect that they might have deal with devil? A trade for fame with the devil? Maybe they worship devil? I'm bias am I?


I don't feel satisfied with what I've accomplish and I feel nothing at all. Yet, I'm not ready to push myself out of the comfort zone and there's fear of making a move forward for there's no turning back. The more I search for future, the more I fear.


Do you think I'm matured?


I've only got one mission to accomplish and then I'll really feel relieve. Only one and I am not greedy anymore. I only yearn for relief.


Just to make it so nicely done, I shall insert 10. To sum it all up, I really suck and I'm already 21, still feeling sad and pathetic with no luck at all. No fucking luck in meeting the right person.

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