Sunday, August 29, 2010

I did really screw the lemon bars, kitchen is a not the major victim.

So I did mentioned to screw up the kitchen and I did with minimal wastage.

The timeline had passed so it should all be YESTERDAY.

In the morning, I baked lemon bars, the dough a.k.a. shortbread was a success. What cause the failure was the stupidity strikes where the pan is there instead I use a tray even after watching videos for demonstration. So, the tastes are precisely good but the look was a failure. LEMON BARS PHAIL.

Suppose to look like this... but I got trashy one.

So, I don't believe my stupidity will continued this way and I tried making dinner for all. Menu: Potato Salad with chicken sausage and pasta AND Bacon in pita pocket.

I used barbecue sauce for spread and Italian herbs for enhancing the taste for Bacon in pita pocket. It was a success coz preparing sandwiches and salads is easy.

Potato Salad with chicken sausage and pasta

Bacon in pita pocket

But lemon bars PHAIL. I is sad but I is proud coz dinner is fawesome.


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