Sunday, August 15, 2010

Radical women for their life statement and it is still a success

Apart from Lady Gaga's numerous outrageous fashion statement, she has shown to the world what the fuck is courage by walking down on a street with a lobster as her accessories on her head. What's even impressive is that her confidence is still as high as usual without breaking the limits to ego. She is still herself unlike the Disney stars.

Other than that, nominated in the Song of the year won by Cyndi Lauper, Time after Time. She did dyed her hair with different colors and owned a radical fashion statement back then. Ya know, paparazzis and the norms those days aren't as radical as today. Unique. Though, she's not really pretty but she is one of a kind.

Today, I bump onto Agyness Deyn while passing by the perfume section. With only one glance, I knew it's her.

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