Friday, August 6, 2010

it's here

The dreamy offer of such treatment is already here but it doesn't belong to mine, neither yet nor now. I was given a free trial treatment offer in a such where I was being naive and foolish.

Now, I've to consider if I should or shouldn't grab for it as I wasn't sure of my level of commitments and what kind of returns I could harvest. I wouldn't dare to ask for more as long as it's a conditional return in a mutual way. Although the infatuations had been slowly built up but somewhere the journey to the peak is not as smooth as I expected, obstacles slowly rising. The offer could either reject or accept me for it needs to be mutual to harvest a fruitful results. Could it be the mind that's refusing to face the coming obstacles? Could it be the inabilities to ward off the obstacles refusing myself to continue racing to the peak?

Though every moment of staying in the peak will not last long, but I secretly wish it could last longer.

At times, I would secretly cry over my limited courage to go for the offer, which I ended up with sorrows and regrets, temporarily. I've fallen for the offer, could it be a scam? Do I need to step out of the offer game? Should I look for other offer? What if I couldn't find a better offer?

All these answers are definitely not absolute for we don't know what the future holds, the decisions are decided by us, with the determination, there shall be no regrets for what we had done.

Right now, I still need to consider the offer that's right now when the only thing I'm awaiting is the conditional reply. The fear is still there and everyone hates it.

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