Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pictures that wanting to upload for donkey time ago.

Random pictures found in my phone and been wanting to upload these pictures but just too lazy to do it.

Just found out that my supervisor is someone whom I did not imprint my impression on my supervisor... DOOM!

Good news about my changes is that I ain't sick anymore. Bah... you don't know what I'm talking about.

Another good news about my workplace is that I don't have to be in formal yet I can be informal or semi formal. That's the best part!

I'm no longer friend sick but rather enjoying the companion of unfamiliarities. I'm DANI!


Sometimes, you just have to post this question to yourself, would you rather die or stay alive when you found out all of your love ones had gone? JIWANG!

At times, people are so extremely funny to the extent that it irritates you. Of all people, why me? It's not as if I'm the only one that exist in the world. JIWANG!

I don't want to be ignore but people tend to ignore me so there goes my existence. JIWANG!

People tend to cut off my sentence and I'm kind enough to let them finish their sentence as they wants attention. JIWANG!

Sometimes, I feel 'kek sim' for those whom I throw all my consciences for them and this is how I got treated back. JIWANG!

Should I turn back to cold hearted and just leave it dead when you have everything to save their asses? JIWANG!

The world behind my wall. JIWANG!

I need a therapist or psychologist to turn back my sanity. JIWANG!

I'm not envy but I just want it real. JIWANG!

Is it so hard just to earn a little respect after I had bloody save all of your asses??? NABEH!!!! You don't care how I feel do you? TMD, TL, KNN. Fuck!

I swear this is not photoshop.

Whatever you would like to call it as. But, it's heavenly amazing.

Desperate for ice- cream

I don't care what ya gonna describe me but this is the way!

Peach Napoleon from ZEN. Absolutely heaven. Now, to think about it, my workplace is so near to DP and MP. It's in the town.

Jacqueline and her Passion Fruit/ Mango Mousse.

ME in the form of Pistachios' shells. Haha.. got nothing best to do at all.

My profile shot.

The answer is... it is indeed hard to earn one fucking tiny respect from a sore loser like you. Fuck you!

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