Saturday, May 1, 2010

A fail note to thyself

This is an introduction of me all over again.

My name is Danielle and I'm 21 years old already. 21, an age number that signifies everything is legal including, gambling and voting in Malaysia. I was born on the Labor Day, lucky enough for the whole world to embrace me in this world. My childhood years in Brunei was the best memories I had. Brunei Darussalam.

I don't know what to describe about myself as I intend to write a self note for myself and in future, I'm able to recall back how... young, stupid and foolish I was.

One of the most distinctive and notorious characteristics I own is cursing and swearing excessively. Yes, I do have a potty mouth and like they all said... I can swear like a sailor except today is my big day, which means I will restrict myself from saying those words. Don't get me tempt.

At times, I can be straightforward if I want to and express whichever I like without using much of my brains. Sorry if I ever offended anyone. This is a habit I need to observe and change.

I'm a professional procrastinator. Yes, if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call me. 1-300- LAZY- 1234

I wouldn't call myself a boring person but rather mood-less. If the vibe emitted is rock, fun, bubbly, crazy and cool.. definitely count me in and vice versa. Thus, music is the source of my energy but it depends on which genre. It also explains why I'm bipolar when the DJ change music.

At times, I can be an emo bxtxh as I have too much rubbish thoughts mingling around my head which definitely brings no benefit at all. All I have to do is control my jiwang-ness. It's always there but it's the matter of how one control... cheh... sounds as if I'm controlling my psychic powers like Jean Grey.

I love to be in the center of attention for the right cause, sadly... the wrong cause that got me into attention. Not to forget, I am a whiny person, well, at times.

To unknowns I may look snobbish but deep down I don't care what are you picturing me as until you've finally spoken to me.

I'm trying to take advantage of this world by exploring and discovering the amazement and amusement that the earth has given me. Yet, don't get me wrong, it's only discovering but not exploiting, Mother Earth has given me more than I ever ask for.

This sounds cliche but I still have to say it loud. In the process of finishing this journey of life, I'm still learning all way down the road.

That's all from my complex characteristics.

Now, here comes the basic characteristics.

I've constantly praised and uplifted the color Blue and trashed down the color Pink. Pink, after all, is not a bad color but it's the color that made me feel stupid.

Ever since I earned my driving license, the car's radio is extremely important to me while I'm driving that's cause I'm singing in the car all the time!

John Mayer has always been my favorite music artist and his music at times makes me feel emotional and bipolar.

I'm an avid art collector, some called it art thief but I'm always there to appreciate those artworks by all those small artists especially photography. Creativity is one divine outcome that make everyone's day. I wish to own my gallery too.

I still love photography but you hardly see my artworks cause I don't have the root of all evil.

To those who had experienced my driving, I love driving and I fully understand that my skills are hazardous to yours and my life. Driving aids my inspirations and motivations. =)

Till these days, I'm still with cuts and bruises on my hands and legs, in short, clumsy.

I love to keep short hair so much that I constantly cut my hair the moment the length surpass my face.

People think I'm smart but the fact that I'm not.

I enjoy and adore underrated movies, musics and artists. In fact, I love parody and comedy movies, don't ask me why.

I'm still a child.

I used to wore braces during my foundation days and was proud of it yet till now, I hate wearing my retainers cause my teeth loves to move around.

Today, I look at my closet, it's time to change my wardrobe!

Lastly, if you have been reading and following my blog, you definitely know my loves and hates. But, to my stalkers, if you wanna get me a belated birthday present, please get me a Passion Fruit body butter from Body Shop. Many thanks.

Enough of the note to thyself. More likely of a random facts to myself. Thanks to my parents for bringing me to this world on this special day. Plus, thanks to all who have wished me! Really appreciate those blessings and words.



chris_lim said...

Happy belated birthday. So good its on a holiday.

瑜颖 said...

thanks! amitabha. haha.

Jerine said...


No lah. You're not complex. I think I need a 200,000 thesis to explain myself.

瑜颖 said...

Jerine, thanks tho it's belated. haha. if it's a thesis, u r declare as dr. jerine.