Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm naked here... no high hopes please!

Behold, I officially declare the second year of my Uni life is done. Though I had made my official declaration but I just don't want to end up badly for my results... it's like the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Damn! I'm being told that I tried too hard where I'm lack of chilling down.

Frankly, the blog is mostly where I reveal my fears and inferiors which of course, you can see how much a person I am actually. If you stalk me, you could actually picture my reactions and behaviors in real. It's like Lady Gaga's nude face in Bad Romance but I'm not trying to convey that I'm soft but inferiority and naked truth.

Currently, I'm just so bloody fearful for my internship during the four months. I'll be training in a brokerage firm. As I listened to my peers' lucrative tasks and benefits, I began to wonder if my starting point was a bad beginning. My beginning seems to be slightly dark, I don't receive any briefing from my manager and the secretary's voice sounds like a I-don't-care and backstabber. FML!

In fact, I only have like 2 more days of holidays, where the hell do I have the time to do all the fucking shits I want????

I'm trying my best to stay as much as an optimist till I'm able to see the other side of edges.

The other place for my thoughts to solace is where I spit those baloneys out so that I could totally be expressive enough. Naked enough.


Am waking as early as I can for tomorrow's dim sum!

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