Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Industrial training, one thing for sure, they don't need you unless they want you to do their donkey jobs! I mean who wants a trainee anyways that's still studying and not graduated which they assume you are not fully equip with all the titles but just bearing the name of your majors.

Yet, the best part of my workplace is the office is so serene, everyone is in their room. There will be one particular man who always come and hang out with the clerks for speeches. He's a good speaker anyways. Furthermore, I don't feel so isolated and I learned about some computer system stuff. oooh... best part is also I got to drive up and down with a journey of 30 minutes with different routes! hahaha. It takes time for me to discover Melaka. haha. They even told me not to enter the office so early and there's no fixed time for lunch. I'm still thankful to those who helped me in the office. They are so awfully nice.

While my friends were so lucky to apply their studies in their work, me...I have never thought of applying anything in the work too. So, I guess my work doesn't require anything to do with financial stuffs which I think those stuff are also being models and showcases for my brain. Just hopefully I'm able to learn at least something with what I've learned but I only intend to build up my soft skills and being flexible. Don't ask me why coz the road is so long winded.

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