Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We No Speak Americano- Yolanda

Let me tell you what I've encounter so far. People who bad mouthed other people in front of you but did the otherwise behind your back. what could be your reaction for such problem?

No wonder my other friends always vent when they encounter this kind of people especially when you treated them like your other best friends. Perhaps, misinterpretation of every behavior and action's purposes could lead to such misunderstanding?

Unsure of those but what's been done has done and I'm fed up of being nice. Or maybe I was just being selfish? Some people do not know what I'm into and when they talk about it, sometimes I got offended although they knew I'm not the kind of person that can blend into their talks and topics. I'm rather boyish or manlish so I don't talk like them. I'm glad if I can curse and swear in the group but when I do, I would get weird stares so I rather keep it silent.

Maybe I'm inconsiderate and selfish, probably annoying too. Bah, I don't care anymore.

Ya know what I find it's right?

Being optimistic is just to shed and camouflage the pessimist in you- All's Well Ends Well 2011.

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