Wednesday, March 2, 2011

extreme brief recap

hi, oh my, i see crickets are singing and spiderwebs everywhere. Rabbit dust are hopping around with their evil smiley faces. oh boy, let's see, just ended my second last semester and that semester was a chaotic one.

it leaves me no peace for rest, going up and down the miles, literally. numerous trips to hospital, fling of emotions, bunch of confusions, buckets of joy, barrels of fun and so on. it leaves me no rest especially the hospital part and my final year project's tortures.

trips to USS and guangzhou was the best and enjoyable. sadly, my cousin has lost our pictures of USS in her pc.

the mixed feelings was heavily revolve around although i had tried my best to escape. it is still there and i can't deny. thus, actions need to be taken.

i got nothing much to jot down anymore, perhaps i am lazy.

besides, i've got so many thoughts haunting me till the end of this holidays and might prolong till God knows when.

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