Friday, March 4, 2011

Panic at the disco is back to my life

My age already surpass 20 and I still do have the tendency to escape and run away from the reality. The road down is so blur and unclear. I can't see clearly till I decide which path to go. Even when I'm in break, I'm still escaping to the virtual world and everyday trolling people. Yet, not realizing I wasn't good enough to contribute the world. I can't even finish reading an investment article within minutes.... FML.

I've the tendency to troll people on FaceBook because I dislike what I saw and feel although I knew it's none of my business. But, it's part of my interest to do it. So, I like. 

Right now, I'm so hungry for the moment and I can't believe I was so genius enough to pour in so much of vodka. The grapefruit flavoured vodka still taste like medicine to me. It's my third time mixing it and I still can't take it though I mixed it with lime. It still taste like bloody medicine and I can still feel the tingling on my tongue by merely thinking of it.

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