Monday, March 7, 2011

Heartbeat- Enrique Iglesias featuring Nicole Scherzinger

There's no window where I'm sitting right now so I can't gaze out to the skies and stars to vent out emotions while listening to my songs. The truth is already in my head and I've known it long time ago. Yet sometimes I wonder is it worthwhile to keep or just dump? Can't guess what am I relating to? It's none other than FRIENDSHIP.

People come and go in our lives, they don't stay long because we have short life span. Anyhow, I'm realizing that people do make friends with you when you do have assets or benefits that they can take or rather steal from you. I've seen it and I'm disgusted by their hypocrisy. Okay, maybe I troll much because I dislike and would not want to give face to their statements. Well, I'm the ignorance and also the evil person. So, I troll whenever you tell, ask or give stupid statements. (unaware that i'm stupid too). At times, I realized that I'm a sadistic and I enjoy seeing people's face that got troll by me.

I don't want another stupid emotional post on how forever alone or pathetic I am getting. Au Revoir.

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