Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not so wisdom after all

World Cup is coming to an end and to think about it, it actually kinda sad as the moment has come. THE END OF WORLD CUP. I've been waiting for so long to embrace the moment the champions of field holding the trophy with tears of joy.

I don't even want the World Cup to END, should have drag the whole event duration at most 2 months for everyone's satisfactions yearning for more.

Finally, they took down the billboard and World Cup is only coming to an end not already end. Why too early? Now, it demotivates me from everything, it's my source power every morning. Damn!

Mystery solved: Finally, I found the causes of the torment pain in my teeth each time I take food with sticky and sweet form.

This is how it happens:-

Once upon an evening, I was looking at the mirror examining my teeth, putting my fingers to check my teeth alignment (I've not put on my retainers for sometime) and lastly, I press my fingers on to my proud wisdom tooth. Goddamn, it hurts like shit! I can feel the vine of sensors are visible upon the eroded tooth. I even pick up some pieces of eroded tooth. My wisdom tooth that bears during my age of 16 and now, it gives me a big pain in the vines. I'm not so wise at all. My tooth!!!!

This explains:-

the pain each time I took a bite on sweet and sticky food but my wisdom tooth barely grow 1cm!!!!!!!!

Really fucking shit.

I've to admit, I've teeth problems ever since primary school and prolong till now. Argh... I couldn't even believe that I actually had to put on braces for one year and a half. My most troublesome part of body is my teeth. Ever since primary school, I've got many holes to be cement and each year my visit to the dentist is always without fail. Nabeh!

I've been drinking milk for calcium. It didn't help that much.
I've been eating lesser sugar. Still erode.

I need to sought dentist but it's already in a serious damage condition. What's worst it happens to be a tiny wisdom tooth and the pain is getting drastic.

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