Sunday, October 31, 2010

I made another wish. A wish to really come true.

I made another wish truthfully.

While I called myself selfish attending a party, my brother on the other hand, is lying helplessly in the hospital. The uncontrollable evil power.... I don't feel like describing it into details.

Upon the occurrence, I found myself being a coward, couldn't bare to take a straight look into the eyes. Being the eldest in the family, I feel useless and helpless to ease his sufferings and pains. If you tell me there are others suffered from severe diseases and illnesses, please TAKE BACK your words and say it to others.

In all, I could not do anything but to pray and wish for him.

I tried not to shed tears for I'm staying strong but this description failed in me. I'm weak. I couldn't even find the courage to face the whole disturbing situation.

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