Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bagai kacang dilupakan kulit or 狗咬吕洞宾,不识好人心.

The blog really looks dead. *Sigh*. It's been chaotic and lost with the time track, *hopefully* temporarily.

Bagai kacang dilupakan kulit or 狗咬吕洞宾,不识好人心.

Maybe I was being too kind or rather realistically naive.
Putting such hopes, hopes for a return ticket that's never gonna exist.
That's when the time of changes had proven you with your five senses.
People do change but some do change for good and some do change to worst.
Sincerity and truthfulness were almost non- existence at all.
Yet, we are still throwing away our kindness and sympathies to those who we've judged wrongly.
Even, if we stood up for them but cold shoulders is what they were transmitting to you.
One good deed may change their lives forever and they take it for granted.
When help seeks them, they cornered themselves to somewhere couldn't be found.
Even worst, we're feeling like a fool.
Being the kindest does not get one's good impression after all.
What's good for impression is what you've accomplish in glory so far.
That's when you'll be crowded with people that had never smiled at you before.
To begin with the cycle, I ask, what's the most important resources should helping to build up one's foundation?
Some are desperate attention seeker.
Some likes to provoke fire within themselves.
Some loves to play dual mask among themselves.
Some just couldn't stand alone.
Some just love to whine in another way of bragging.

Seriously, I'm fucking tired of all these and rather be gathering myself to become a social awkward before turning to the world.

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