Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sun Glitters- Beside Me (Essay interpretation)

I'm seeing blue skies everyday but I can't see any beautiful flowers matching with the sky blue.

I know life's never been easy to walk down through our age. Different age group comes with different perception and troubles. Recently, I've got a friend who ended his life with the age of just 24 [RIP], the reasons behind the silly act wasn't really clear. I told my folks about this matter and I got to know from my aunt that my folks were worried and concerned if I might fall into the trap. Apparently, I was touched to acknowledge their concerns and the reply to their assurance was... just let me rant and whine. At least, I'm aware that the bomb shelter is there for me to stay relief even just for a second. One single second can change the whole life.

I know it is not easy to walk on the road alone with so many road path to take into considerations.

Time to be serious at work, I've been playing too much in the office. LOL.

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