Sunday, October 23, 2011

Secret Heart- Feist

As per title, there's so many things are being suppress down to the bottom of the HEART.

While being suppress, the other side of me is looking for a suitable steel chest made out of platinum or some sort like Magneto's helmet kind of element. That mega magnificent chest must be able to keep and lock away some parts of the memories that I wouldn't want to remember.

Those 'young and foolish days' is pulling me back and definitely it will hold me from moving forward. Sometimes, it makes me feel depress to the extreme that I'm beginning to feel the fear everyday. I hated it and never liked it.


I'm not a good storyteller thus I wouldn't want to begin it.
I'm not a solver thus I don't know how to end all these problems.

This is when I'm asking and begging for a TIME MACHINE to bring me back and amend the events before it got worsen.

Sometimes, I tell myself to be cautious but is that cautious entirely pulling me back from doing what I think it could possibly be a positive results?

Asking Buddha is totally useless for Buddha will only help those who help themselves.

Can any gentleman lend me their shoulder to lean on and weep for a while?

Thank you.

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Jonathan said...

there there ... now only had de time to view ... haiz ... fighting