Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dance Dance- Fall Out Boy

very fucked up right now.

career fair is tomorrow and decided to do a resume or simply take my previous resume that i've done for my previous training. yet, where the fuck is my resume?

now, i guess i've to do it all over again by day time. and it is really frustrating and feeling fuck up while everyone is submitting on the first day of the event.

real fuck up.

2 more assignments to go and i just barely reading the information given. feeling like a loser, i've not achieved anything in life gloriously. i've got no talents or special skills but procrastination. my future is so fucking blur and maybe one day i'll be taking public transports for life, living on breads and can of tuna for 3 meals daily, could only afford new clothes for CNY purposes, hunting for discounts and sales in the retail stores and buying fake goods..... but i want a better life.

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Jonathan said...

beeeeen HERE ... lalala